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I come from a background in finance, construction and property management. Because of this, I have gained great knowledge and insight into mortgages and the real estate market. The value I bring to my clients is time and money saving: by understanding your needs along with the different finance solutions in the market. When you don’t have time to compare them individually, let me do the work for you and negotiate on your behalf to secure the right rates for you. Being fluent in both English and Chinese helps me to assist clients from different countries and relate well to their cultural backgrounds. My greatest satisfaction is being able to help my clients to succeed in their financial goals.Whether it’s your first home, investment property or commercial property, I’d love to work with you side by side to make the process of getting a mortgage as simple and stress-free as possible.
You are never required to pay us for our service. We work on extremely thin margins with all of our banks so you can get the lowest interest rates, lowest fees, and best service.

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