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Less than 20% deposit and want a home?

With tightening lending criteria, increasing interest rates and sky-high prices, the property market is a minefield for the seasoned pro, so how do you get your head around it as a first-home buyer? 

We’ve pulled together the top 6 things first-home buyers can do right now to lock in a home loan with less than 20% deposit! Spoiler alert, it can be done! 

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Making sense of the current property market

If you’re struggling to make sense of the crazy things that are happening in the local real estate market currently, you’re not alone!

Every month we’re seeing media reports of eye-watering house prices, heightened sales activity and construction firms throwing fixed price builds out the window as the heated market shows no sign of cooling. That’s before we even get onto the financial side of things, with changes to lending criteria and interest rates throwing in another layer of complexity. 

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Buying Your First Home In A Hot Market

How crazy is it to see how much the property prices have gone up since this time last year!

At the same time last year, 60 -70% of first home buyers were using their first home grant when purchasing their first home because it's common practice and it's there for the purpose of helping you buy.

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Why Apartment Living Is Becoming More Popular - Is This Still The Best Choice For Property Investors?

From what we’re hearing, many property investors are thinking about or are in the process of selling some of their rentals and entering the property development market.

And while this is driving up prices of sections and RMD land in and around Christchurch, the flow on effect means we can now expect to see many more apartments and townhouses on the market.

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State of the Market

Local mortgage adviser, Nathan Miglani, looks at the facts of the matter when it comes to buying and selling property in Christchurch and Canterbury after COVID-19 When Level 3 arrived…

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Maintaining Your Financial Health

When times get tough, it becomes clear just how healthy (or not!) our financial situation really is. Here’s what you can do to get your finances back into shape…

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The Christchurch Property Market: What’s in Store for the Next 6 Months

How will the Christchurch property market respond to COVID-19 and what’s likely to happen over the coming months? There’s no doubt about it, these are unprecedented times and trying to…

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Turn-key home or build your own?

If you’re planning to build a home, you’ll need to consider whether you will purchase a turn-key home or build your own. There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach…

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Why use a professional mortgage advisor?

When you want to apply for a mortgage – whether it’s for your first home, next home or investment property – it may be tempting to ‘go with what you…

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Kiwisaver, First Home Grant and First Home Loan

Most New Zealand first-home buyers use KiwiSaver to buy their first home. And, no wonder – it’s a great way to kick-start your home-ownership goals. The First Home Grant and…

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